What is CaaStle?

A turnkey fully managed service
for retailers.

Complement your
traditional business.

CaaStle is a fully managed service that allows retailers to offer Clothing as a Service (CaaS) to their consumers. CaaS is a proven access model with transformative benefits for retailers and consumers.

Blend ownership
with access.

By offering a CaaS model your consumers will have the opportunity to experiment more deeply with your brand not only by owning garments, but by accessing a rotating collection each month.

Increase revenue
and profit.

Build a more profitable and valuable business. Grow top line with new customers and increase total brand spend from existing customers.

CaaStle provides technology, reverse logistics and managed services to help retailers participate in the new economy.

Why Use CaaStle?

Grow your business.

New Customers

Attract new customers to a relationship-based model and make them your loyalists. Re-engage lapsed customers through a more attractive, access-based experience.

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Increase In Spend

Attain a predictable, recurring revenue stream with high average revenue per user. Instead of purchasing garments infrequently consumers are spending money with your brand every month.

Higher Profitability

Achieve greater return on inventory. Make money every day a garment is with a customer, improve garment monetization and leverage unique CaaStle data to improve your overall business.

CaaStle Results

Complement your traditional retail channels.

CaaStle creates a new high margin revenue stream.


New/lapsed customers


Increase in total brand spend

20 - 30%

Operating margin

CaaStle and Online Engagement

Build an active customer base.

CaaStle customers engage deeply with the service.


Visits per week


Minutes per visit


Minutes per month


CaaStle is one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2020

Fast Company 2019 - Most Innovative Company

Top 50 #24

For transforming fashion labels into rental services

CaaStle’s Clothing as a Service model — now more than ever — helps every retailer address their challenges with digitally native growth, retention, and profitability. It is not a nice-to-have after those challenges are met, it's an integral part to get there faster than otherwise possible. Innovative retailers understand this and are partnering with us to drive the needed industry change. Fast Company’s recognition is a testament to our extraordinary team, the vision of our early brand-partners and our position to drive this change.

Christine Hunsicker, CaaStle CEO

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