The CaaStle Solution

A frictionless experience for the retailer.

Advanced technology
With zero technical integration required, we make it easy for you to offer Clothing as a Service. The CaaStle platform builds and manages all aspects of the subscription model: the website, databases, algorithms and analytics.
Reverse logistics
Our strategically located Distribution Centers with state-of-the-art inventory and garment care systems will manage cleaning, and shipping and receiving from your customers. You provide the inventory, CaaStle does the rest.
Managed services
Work side by side with our team to create and implement your complementary subscription model. Our Account Managers, Merchandisers and Marketers will guide you along the way with their subscription model expertise and retail industry experience.
CaaStle's unprecedented breadth and depth of data will enhance the CaaS experience and your retail business overall.

The CaaS Fundamentals

The CaaS effect extends across your business.

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Increased Utilization

Make money every day a garment is with a customer, monetize all garments and buy or make garments much more predictively using the unique data captured through CaaStle.

Reduced Inventory Risk

Encourage design risk as consumers rent many more styles than they would buy upfront. Styles that do not do well in retail tend to do very well in rental.

Relationship Based-Model

Create ongoing relationships with a continuous feedback loop. Build loyal, long-lasting relationships that extend beyond one-off transactions.